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Warding is one of the most underrated aspect of low-level games. Often, in gold and lower leagues, I see teams putting absolutely no wards at all.

As you are laning, you should ALWAYS have a ward in your bush for top and bottom lane to prevent ganks from jungler. Bottom should also ward the dragon as soon as another champion hits lvl 8 or so (you can reasonably solo dragon as a jungler at lvl 9-10 or so, depending on items/champ).

Late game, warding becomes even more important. Of course, you want to ward baron nonstop. Remember that 3 champs are enough to kill baron in under 45 seconds! In most pro games, losing the baron late game means losing the game.

Ward your own jungle to prevent from getting caught as you move between lane...

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League of legends is like football: it’s a game of position.

It becomes especially obvious late game when superminions are pushing the Nexus’ tower, but it’s actually a game of position all game long. Get a good position to farm, get good wards up, get your blue and red buffs, try to steal their red and blue, etc. Losing a tower means being more vulnerable and sometimes having to fall back; this in effect gives the other team more vision from the minions.

League of legends is also a game of position because of range. If you aren’t in range of the enemy champ’s attack, he cannot attack you, as simple as that. If you are all grouped together, ultimate such as Amumu’s ult become incredibly more powerful...

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Last Hitting

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As a coach, I was surprised that so many people had so many problems last hitting minions. However, the problem is more complex than it seems.

In league of legends, you only get gold when you last hit minions. Last hitting is a CRITICAL part of the game and it is imperative that you get it handled and perfected as soon as possible. It becomes even more apparent with gold-dependent champs (ad carry, for example). Playing your lane and being 100 cs late is a guarantee to lose. Sure, getting kills compensate for a lower CS, but you aren’t going to get a lot of kills against good players anyway.

A kill is worth around 15 minions kills

If the enemy player is winning 2-0 but you have a 60 minions lead, you are winning your lane, period...

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You should always know the build of any champ you play. When you back, you don’t have the time to look on your sheet or second monitor to read what to buy. Every second matters in league of legends at advanced levels and that extra 15 seconds not doing anything might cost you a tower, and eventually the game.

There is no set, perfect build for a character. When I play ADC, I sometimes get Guardian Angel and I sometimes don’t. Sometimes, I get a second BloodThirster and somtimes, I get a second Phantom Dancer. I adapt my build to what I see. Sometimes, I buy both Last Whisperer and Black Clever!

Some champs can also be built in several ways. Shen can go pure tank, pure AP or a mix of the two. Teemo and Tristana can be either AD or AP...

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Picks and counterpicks!

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In draft modes – and I consider draft mode to be the “real” mode – one of the most critical skills to develop is the art of picks and counterpicks. There’s a reason ranked games are draft modes only.

Every champion in the game has a counter. No champion can easily beat every other champions. Some champions have way more counters than the other – Darius, for example, lose against any champ that can effectively kite – Teemo, Ashe, etc. Morgana loses to Vlad mid because of his inner sustain.

It should be noted that even if you are playing against your counter, you haven’t necessarily lost. Overall, it all depends on the skills – but also the runes and masteries – of the other player. Also, a decent jungler can help level a lane. A quick kill, for example, can really push you ahead.

You should...

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League of Legends champions you should never play

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There are some league of legends champions who are so bad you should never play them. Why? Because they are so bad, so underpowered that you’d be playing a huge, HUGE disadvantage.

But but but… People just don’t know how to play that champ! I will be the FIRST to rock everyone with that champ!

No, you will not. You might get a lucky game there and there, but in the long term, these champions are plain and simply too bad to have any value whatsoever. They are never taken in any serious game.

It should be noted that very few champs made that list. Many more champs could have ended on that list – Karma, for example, is amongst the weaker champions. However, she CAN become sort of playable… Sometimes. What we have here is an uncontested list of the worst champs in the game, and the reason why...

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10 mistakes you must absolutely avoid in League of Legends

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1. Always get the dragon

190 free gold for every champ in your team, plus 25 gold for yourself. That’s 975 free gold given to you. While this might not look like a lot, it’s actually around four kills ( less gold is awarded when a champion has a lower level than the contributors, if you didn’t know). So if you are losing the game 5-9 and you actually manage to get the dragon, you are now tied!

In my opinion, purple has a slight advantage because dragon is easier to get for them; they can more easily ward, and more easily escape. In any event, you should ALWAYS ward the dragon and you should never let the enemy team grab it. A great idea with lee sin, for example, would be to use your Q when the dragon has almost no life and immediately smite him.

The dragon is VERY important in early an...

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